David and I completed contracts on the 29th June 2012. It was an extremely exciting day but slightly terrifying as house number 59 was a project house, to say the least.

House number 59 is a 4 bed Victorian terrace in South London that has seen better days. Our plan is to restore it to its former glory and make it our family home. David and I both have office jobs and have no real experience in renovation, just an enthusiasm for DIY and a passion to create a beautiful home.

I want to use this blog to record our progress and be able to look back one day and say β€˜look how far we have come’.

Charlotte x


12 thoughts on “About

  1. How lovely to stumble across your blog. Me and my mate N are doing up our own Victorian houses and blogging about it. You are giving me inspiration for the big jobs. x

  2. Just found your blog today – it looks like you’ve done some great work! I love that you aren’t afraid of the big projects either. We are renovating a Dutch Colonial ourselves – blogs like yours give me the motivation I need to keep going – thank you for sharing! I look forward to checking back πŸ™‚

  3. Hi, just found your blog and enjoying catching up with what you’re upto! We’re also in a victorian terrace that needs a bit of love (with no prior experience)! Hopefully we can share some tips and knowledge!

    Kate πŸ™‚

  4. You are both doing an amazing job with the renovation, well done indeed. Having started a very similar renovation project in SE London a few years ago, I admire your progress and quality of finish. There are so many things I wish I’d known but you seem to have avoided all the pitfalls. (It’s been a real struggle to find a decent builder, in particular.) Bravo!

    1. Hi Douglas. Thanks for stopping by and your kind words of support! This is our first renovation project and I often wonder if we are doing ok, so it is always nice to receive comments like yours.

      Finding a decent builder is difficult. Our builder has been ok, but have had their fair share of pitfalls…!

      C x

  5. Hi,
    Reading your blog has been like describing the last 12 months of what my husband and I have been doing! Can really empathise with the 15,000 decisions!! We too are renovating/restoring a victorian terraced house in Cardiff. What you’ve done looks great! Will def be taking inspiration from your decor choices and you’ve also inspired me to start a blog too, although i have no idea how to go about it. Its such a great way to reflect & record all the hardwork. 12 months in i’m gutted that i haven’t taken enough pictures particularly before & after. Good luck with it all, Sian x

  6. Will be catching up on your blog as myself and my partner are about to decide whether we are going to offer on an old victorian (ish) house that requires renovation too!
    I will be furiously taking notes!

  7. Thank you for providing details of your paint colour… I couldn’t find the post that I asked the question on, so saying ‘thanks’ here.

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