Kitchen diner – the final touches…

With the kitchen diner nearly finished we could start to think about those final touches – I love this part, when you get to add personality to a room and it really starts to come to life.


The back of the house faces south. With four windows and bi-folding doors we are lucky that the kitchen diner has lots of natural light. Over the kitchen area we have spot lights, which we can dim to create a cosy atmosphere, or turn right up when we need to see what we are doing.

Over the dining area we have a single pendant. If left to me, I probably would have stuck to something fairly safe, but David was determined to have something really special – a statement piece. For months, long before the kitchen was finished, David researched different options. In the end he narrowed it down to two choices and when we went to see them in the flesh, we fell in love with this one.

Tom Dixon Brushed Stout Beat Pendant, Brass


In one of my first posts about the kitchen diner I said that we really wanted vibrant artwork to add a pop of colour. We have been very lucky to have been given just that!


David’s uncle, an art enthusiast, no longer had the space to house this particularly large oil painting. Growing up David had always admired it and so it was very kindly gifted to us. We absolutely love it and it is a real talking point.

Oak shelving

By not having top cupboards and installing open shelving, we not only saved money but created a great space to display a few of our favourite things and add some character to the kitchen.


We wanted something quite rustic and chunky, so went to our local timber merchant and picked out some beautiful untreated American oak.


Skirting board

Our final task was to install skirting board. In all the other rooms we had used pine skirting, but this time decided to try pre-primed MDF.


To start with we were a little reserved about using it, felt like we were cheating somehow, but it was so much easier to use. No filling, no knot treatment, no sanding and once painted it looks really good. I am not sure that we will be using pine ever again!


The most exciting thing was unpacking everything into the new kitchen. Many of our kitchen items including lots of our wedding gifts, had been stored in the loft since we moved in, so it was great to get everything down and put away into their new home.


The final, final touch was to move the dining table into place. The dining table was one of the first big items David and I bought together as a couple, many moons ago. When we first bought it, housenumber59 was not even on our radar, but it fits perfectly and I love that after years of lugging it around rented properties it finally has a permanent home.

C x


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