Kitchen diner – kitchen fitting…

Although Woods of London thought David was probably more than capable of fitting the kitchen himself, we decided to use their fitter to ensure we get that professional finish (and to save David the stress). We were warned that their fitter is a ‘bit of a character’ and that he was. You definitely knew when he arrived in the morning, if you know what I mean.


The first day was probably the most exciting. All the units got taken out of their boxes and put into place. So the shape of the kitchen came together really quickly. Over the next few days it was just a case of fixing everything down, putting on end panels, filling gaps and touching up paint.



It was when everything was finished, the cooker in place and we were just waiting for the worktops to be fitted, that we realised a fundamental problem.


The draw on the peninsula could not open as the oven was blocking it, and if the oven was pushed back to allow the draw to open, the cooker doors could not open.

Mistakes happen, we are only human and in this kind of situation it is not the mistake that matters but rather how it is dealt with.

Paul from Woods of London dealt with it very well. He came over first thing the following day to assess the situation and work out what needed changing. He liaised with the fitter and asked him back the next day to re-gig the units. He also spoke with the worktop company to explain what had happened, as the worktops had already been cut at this point and new templates needed to be made.

It could have been a disaster, but it was not. It could have been really stressful, but… well it was quite stressful!

But with everything now sorted, with draws that open and a cooker that works, we could finally get the worktop fitted.

Woo hoo!

C x


7 thoughts on “Kitchen diner – kitchen fitting…

  1. This is fantastic!! Well, not the mishap with the drawer, but your kitchen arriving and being fitted! Our kitchen arrived on Wednesday and I am so excited to see it be fitted!! Looking forward to your post when it’s finished!! X

  2. Wow doesn’t having units change the look of a space? Don’t let the tiny set back get you down. When it’s all finished, it will just be another funny anecdote you tell people 🙂 You’ll look back and laugh, I promise! x

    1. Thanks Karen. Having the units suddenly transformed the space – it very quickly became a kitchen!

      It seemed stressful at the time, but we tried to put everything in perspective – it could have been worse!

      C x

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