Kitchen diner – painting and the wooden floor…

In the space of a couple of weeks, the kitchen diner has gone from a dusty building sight to a decorated room.

We decided to paint the walls and ceiling before we installed the kitchen. I am not sure if this is the best way round to do it, but we figured if worse comes to worse we can always touch up (repaint) the walls after the kitchen is fitted.

We wanted a light, neutral colour and definitely no yellow. 10 tester pots later we went for ‘Star Crossed’, a Dulux trade paint. For the ceiling and cornice we went for classic Brilliant White. I must say I love Dulux paint, it goes on so well and gives a really good finish.

Like always when I paint a room, it takes me a while to decide if I like the colour or not. ‘Star Crossed’ is soft grey, in certain lights it has a very slight hint of mauve which I was not sure about at first, but once the wooden floor was installed it all seemed to work together quite nicely.

I had a clear picture in mind of the type of floor I would like for the kitchen diner and luckily, like most things, David was on the same page. We wanted a natural looking oak floor that has wide boards and long lengths. I was adamant that the boards should not be shiny, turns out the look I was after was an ‘oiled’ rather than ‘lacquered’ oak.

We went for an engineered oak, rather than solid wood. As we have a concrete floor, rather than a suspended floor, engineered oak is much better suited and less likely to warp. But we did go for the thickest engineered board we could afford to help give that solid, warm feeling.

We looked at so many places to buy the floor from, but in the end we went to a local, independent store. We probably could have got it cheaper online but we liked the fact that we knew exactly what we were buying and felt that supporting our local trades was important.


David pondered whether to install the floor himself. It is not that difficult, just like a giant jigsaw puzzle, but the temptation to get a professional in was too great. It was not that expensive, although after paying the builders I think our definition of expensive has been somewhat warped, the guy did a great job and only took him two days.


We are thrilled that it is all starting to come together. The only thing left to do now is choose and fit the kitchen!


C x

7 thoughts on “Kitchen diner – painting and the wooden floor…

  1. Looking ace! That’s a really nice paint choice too – I like the hint of mauve. I’m a big fan of paints that can be chameleons in different light.

    We had the same issue with flooring due to concrete underneath and we also went for engineered and we LOVE it….totally looks and feels like the real thing Will look forward to seeing next steps. x

  2. Your kitchen-diner is really starting to take shape! It’s looking fantastic! The colour you’ve chosen for the walls looks quite similar to the colour I’ve chosen to paint our kitchen. The colour maybe a little more intense. I’ve not yet painted the entire kitchen. I have very large squares painted on every wall. It’s surprised me how different the colour appears in different light. Like you, I didn’t want a yellowy tone, but neither did I want completely white walls. I especially love the detailing around your windows, it’s stunning! I’m looking forward to seeing the arrival of the kitchen x

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