Kitchen diner – the cornice…

Next on our list of things to do was to choose the cornice and the ceiling rose for the single pendant above the dining area.

The kitchen diner was just a blank box and we want to put some Victorian charm back in. Restoring original features has always been an important part of this project and I really want the kitchen diner to have a balance of new and old. Therefore we chose quite a traditional cornice to offset the contemporary bi-folding doors.

We went straight to our pals Earl and Elvis, who made and installed the cornice in the master and spare bed rooms. Earl has a great eye for what cornice and ceiling rose works best in the space, and I love that he uses the same, traditional methods that would have been used when housenumber59 was first built.

Elvis, who installs the cornice, is such a perfectionist and it is so refreshing to see someone who takes such pride in their work.


We are thrilled with the outcome – it has added a real twinkle of something special to the room.

Cornice and ceiling rose

Unfortunately we had a slight disagreement with Earl over price – cornicing maybe his forte, but maths is not. Hopefully we have not scuppered our relationship as we have a few more jobs for them yet!

C x

3 thoughts on “Kitchen diner – the cornice…

  1. Looks fantastic, I have my eye on a similar rose for our bedroom. We’re finding most tradesmen rethink their price after job completion, even though they have given written quotes…

  2. We’re doing the same in our kitchen. Originally I didn’t think that elaborate cornicing would go very well with the modern gloss kitchens I’ve been eyeing up. However flicking through a brochure one day, I came across this gorgeous gloss kitchen with very ornate cornicing. It was stunning and made me reconsider. I’m looking forward to seeing how your kitchen progresses.

  3. Looks amazing! And it’s such a hard job to tackle. My husband is doing ours at the moment but with it being an old house, the walls are all wonky meaning it’s double the difficulty level (not for me of course, I just take the piccies haha)

    Really does change the look of the room doesn’t it? Looks great 🙂 Karen x

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