Kitchen diner – the builders week 6…

This week the focus moved back to the garden. The retaining walls were rendered and the patio stones were laid.

Builders wk6-1

Builders wk6-2

Builders wk6-3

Finally, the whole patio was grouted and a step constructed, linking the patio and lawn.

Builders wk6-6

Builders wk6-5

Builders wk6-7

We have grand plans for the garden, but I’ll explain more about that another time…

Whilst the builders worked outside we thought it was a good time to get our lovely window company back to finish off the windows in the kitchen diner.

When they fitted all the windows back in April, we agreed that they would just fit the windows in the kitchen diner, then once all the building work was finished, they would come back to fit the architrave.

Builders wk6-4

It was great to get this finished – it felt like ticking a big thing off our to-do list.

C x

3 thoughts on “Kitchen diner – the builders week 6…

    1. Thanks Jamie, we love them too. Unfortunately our builders supplied them so I can’t tell you where these exact ones are from. They are Indian sandstone in kandla grey, I hope that helps.

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