Kitchen diner – the builders week 5…

With the floor now dry enough for work to continue in the kitchen diner, the builders moved onto the next phase of the project. The exciting phase, the putting back together phase.

The builders sub-contracted the plastering and it has to be said, he didn’t do a great job. If we had hired him, we would have asked him back to finish the job properly, but the builders decided to cut their losses and finish the job themselves. So they set about filling and sanding all the walls. We are hoping that after a few coats of paint it will all look fine!

Next up was second fix electrics and plumbing. We decided to have spot lights over the kitchen area and a single pendant over the dining area. We also had to think about the location of plug sockets, forcing us to commit to our kitchen design.

Builders wk5-1

Builders wk5

For the radiators we decided to go for traditional column, but unlike the living room and master bedroom we decided against the dark grey, anthracite colour. Partly due to cost (anthracite adds a third to the cost of an already expensive radiator) but also, like the bathroom, we wanted a cleaner look for the kitchen diner so went for white.

Builders wk5-2

Builders wk5-3

Builders wk5-4

All starting to take shape!

C x

4 thoughts on “Kitchen diner – the builders week 5…

  1. Hello I hope you don’t mind me asking why is it takeing so long to do your kitchen. I am hoping to start a side return and going out 1.5 metres end of August and they said it will take 2 months altogether. I love the radiatores, also would you recommend any kitchen places. We were thinking of Howdens. Thanks


    Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2014 14:14:48 +0000 To:

    1. Hi Mags,

      It took the builders 5 weeks to get to this point. It is more a case of me blogging slowly! In real time we are much further ahead than this, I just don’t always have the time to keep the blog up to date.

      In my experience, things always take a lot longer than expected, so I would take their estimate of 2 months with a pinch of salt.

      I have heard good things about Howdens, although this is not a company we have looked into. We are currently looking at two kitchen companies, Yew Tree Designs and Neptune Kitchens. Both are quite traditional, so I guess it depends on the style you are after?

      Best of luck with your project!

      C x

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