Kitchen diner – the builders week 4…

Whilst the builders waited for the floor in the kitchen to dry out, they turned their attention to the patio.

Once the concrete slab and steps had been removed and everything was levelled off, a low retaining wall around the entire patio area was built. This will eventually be rendered and painted white.

Builders wk4 -1

Builders wk4 -2

Builders wk4 -3

The builders then started to lay the foundations for the patio – first a layer of hardcore, then sand and finally cement.

Builders wk4 -4

Builders wk4 -5

It was great to see the space taking shape. The garden used to have lots of unusable space, so having the patio all on one level suddenly made the garden feel so much bigger.

Builders wk4 -6
Our chosen patio stones – Indian sandstone in kandla grey

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