Kitchen diner – the builders week 1…

It was so exciting each evening coming home to see what work had been done on the kitchen diner, and with a whole team of builders things with progressing quickly.

So far they have been doing a great job – they are clean, tidy and we have been included in every decision that has cropped up. Having a project manager has been great, communication is really easy and we always know where we are with the budget.

Here is their progress so far:

Builders wk 1 -1
Wall knocked out between the backroom and the old downstairs bathroom
Builders wk 1 -2
Old kitchen removed and ceiling taken down
Builders wk 1 -3
Back wall taken out, creating an opening for the bi-folding doors

Builders wk 1 -4 Builders wk 1 -5

Builders wk 1 -10
Floorboards, joists and old concrete floor removed
Builders wk 1 -7
Floor levelled and sand layer put down
Builders wk 1 -8
Steel frame installed

Builders wk 1 -9

Not bad for the first week!

C x

2 thoughts on “Kitchen diner – the builders week 1…

  1. Such an exciting stage! We nearly wet ourselves when we came home to find the wall knocked down and the space opened up…we could suddenly ‘see’ how all our plans could actually work! Will look forward to seeing the progress. x

    1. I love this stage, all so exciting! I guess some people just see the mess and dirt, but like you, I see the space, progress and our months of planning coming to life! C x

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