Kitchen diner – choosing our builders…

Me and David took ages choosing our builder. It was an important decision and one we needed to get right. (To view our plans click here)

For us it was not just about getting builders in to quote for the work, but also so we could meet them and determine if they were up to the job. And so the interview process began…

Some of the builders viewed the job like a deer in head lights and required us to guide them through every aspect of what needed doing. As soon as I had to start explaining what made walls structural or not, we knew they were not the builder for us.

Some of the builders just never came back to us with a quote. We took this as a sign that they did not want the job. We were not about to start a relationship where we had to do all the chasing.

But one builder stood out as being very different to the rest. They were part of a much bigger company who do everything from building houses from scratch to smaller domestic projects. Our project is a small job for them, but that is not to say they treated it with any less professionalism.

They were the only builder to take complete ownership of the project and tell us what needed doing and provide suggestions and ideas on how to make it look good. They would take care of everything from ordering the bi-folding doors to liaising with building control. We would be given a team of builders who would be led by a foreman, who would be guided by a project manager.

No surprises who we went for!

C x

4 thoughts on “Kitchen diner – choosing our builders…

    1. Hi Mags,

      Thanks for stopping by housenumber59.

      We are really pleased with our builders so far, but it is still early days and I don’t want to hand out recommendations too quickly! Check back in a month and I will let you know if they are up to scratch 🙂

      C x

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