Kitchen diner – knocking down the chimney breast…

Removing the chimney 1
Start of day one

The only thing standing between our builders and them starting work was our commitment to remove the chimney breast, opening up the kitchen diner. With a bank holiday approaching, we were running out of excuses not to do it. We knew the drill, we had already removed it from the first floor, we just needed a skip, dust sheets and some serious determination.

Removing the chimney 2
Start of day one

In many ways it was going to be harder than before. The chimney downstairs had a fireplace on both sides so the wall is twice as thick, which means twice as many bricks. Plus all of the soot, dust, dirt and rubble would have collected in these two ground floor chimneys – this was going to be messy on a whole new scale. Our only saving grace was, unlike before, we didn’t have to haul all the bricks down stairs.

Removing the chimney 4
End of day one
Removing the chimney 5
End of day one

As before, the general division of labour was David knocked out the bricks and I sorted them into bags ready to take out to the skip, and generally tried to keep the mounting piles of soot/rubble under control.

Removing the chimney 6
End of day two (…me looking like a umpa lumpa)
Removing the chimney 7
End of day two
Removing the chimney 8
End of day two

It was tiring, exhausting, dirty work. But me and David made a great team and somehow, between the two of us, we got it done.

Removing the chimney 9
End of day three

Bring on the builders!

C x

4 thoughts on “Kitchen diner – knocking down the chimney breast…

  1. We’ve done this in all our various London projects over the years and it makes such a difference in space. And if you do it at the bottom you can do it all the way to the top giving you bigger bedrooms too. Vic xxx

    1. Such a huge difference to the space, we have gained a extra meter, which in London terms is a lot!

      We have already removed it upstairs giving us a bigger bathroom. Definitely worth all the hard work.

      C x

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