New windows…

The previous owners of housenumber59 made some strange choices, the most unusual being their choice of windows.

Brown windows 1

According to our neighbours, when the previous owners of housenumber59 first moved in, the house had hideous aluminium windows. I can understand why they were keen to have them replaced.

They obviously replaced the windows on a budget as they opted to keep the old box frames that the windows sit in. But, for reasons that are beyond me, they selected to have a brown ‘wood’ effect – at an extra cost. Horses for courses.

Brown windows 2

The fact that they chose to keep the old box frames, was actually a blessing in disguise. We always knew we would eventually change the windows, but it always seemed like a long off distant dream. The windows themselves were less than 10 years old and we could not justify the expense based on aesthetics alone. But with the old box frames rotting and starting to cause damp, getting the windows replaced suddenly became a priority.

We researched and chose three companies to quote for new windows throughout.

Housenumber59 was about to get a facelift!

Out of the three companies we went for the middle quote, a local based company who have done a number houses near us and always get rave reviews. And we can see why. To say we are thrilled is an understatement.

Sash windows 2

Having windows replaced, including all new box frames and decorative moulding is no mean feat. Naturally we were concerned about the rooms we had already decorated – cream carpets and off white walls do not lend themselves well to building work! But we needn’t have worried. The windows fitters were amazing, truly skilled craftsman.

Sash windows 3

Whilst some of our other big projects to date, like the plumbing and electrics, have all been necessary it is so exciting to complete a project that has made such a significant improvement to the appearance of the house.

Sash windows 7

Sash windows 8

Housenumber59 is starting to look how a Victorian house should look.

Before and after
Before and after

C x

17 thoughts on “New windows…

  1. They look fantastic! Unfortunately when our horrible windows got replaced the only room that was painted ended up with a mahooosive builders boot mark down the wall so we had to repaint…good job we don’t have carpet yet! We’ll done with finding sympathetic builders! Jessica

    1. The window fitters really were amazing, I can’t praise them enough. They covered every inch of the house in plastic and were so considerate. A rare find these days!

      C x

  2. They really look different! 🙂 I bet it looks brighter inside after going for white. They look bigger from the outside too. A well worthwhile job if you ask me 🙂

    1. Thanks Karen. Because of the new box frames we actually gained more glass in every window and it has made a huge difference. So much brighter, particularly in the living room.

      C x

  3. Looking great! Are they wooden framed double glazed units? Any chance you could share your research findings in a post? We’re in a similar situation trying to work out what to replace our windows with.

    1. Thanks Chris! The windows are actually PVC sliding sash windows. They look like wooden sash in windows in everyway, the only difference is that in 10 years times they will look exactly same – no repainting required! You really can’t tell that they are PVC, unless you know and look really close. Even our neighbours commented on how nice our new wooded windows looked!

      Are you London based?

      C x

      1. Well, there you go then – pvc, and I thought they were wooden. We’re a bit further out than London in Aldershot (well will be when the our purchase completes in the next few weeks). We’ll be taking on a similar sort of project – falling down chimneys, all the windows are rotten, missing gutters, broken boiler, horrid kitche, rotten soffits, damp in most of the rooms as a result of the poor rainwater goods, full rewire, sound familiar? 😉

        We’re looking forward to it but with a toddler and a baby on the way we know it’s going to be a long, tough slog. Your blog is definitely going to be a source of inspiration! Our main thoughts at the moment are around dealing with the damp – one school of thought is ‘get a damp proof sorted’ the other is ‘use sympathetic lime materials’…. Think we’ll be making our minds up when we start getting proper quotes in. We’re lucky though as we got a decent chunk off the asking price so hoping that we’ll have enough cash to make a good early stab at things.

        I’m guessing with bank holiday coming up we’ll be able to look forward to the next installment some time soon!?

  4. We did look into wood, but they are so much more expensive and require regular upkeep. If you get good sympathetic pvc sash windows, you really cannot tell the difference. The company we used were called Bespoke Windows, I cannot recommend them enough.

    Best of luck with your project, sounds very familiar! It will have its ups and downs, but will be worth it in the end. Two years in and we are still loving it 🙂

    Builders have been at work for two weeks now so I have lots of news to share…

    C x

  5. Hi, the windows look great! We live in London and are looking to get our windows replaced. Would you mind telling me who installed them?

  6. Your windows look amazing. Can’t believe that they are upvc. Would you mind telling me who installed them. We live in London too and are looking at getting ours replaced?

    1. Hi Gavin,

      Thank you! We are so pleased with them. We used a company called Bespoke Windows and I can’t recommend then enough. They were fantastic, everything from when they came over to quote (no dodgy sales person giving you spiel, just honest and helpful) through to the fitters who were so considerate and did an amazing job – no redecoration required! Here is a link to their website:

      Good luck!

      C x

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