The kitchen diner…

When we were looking for houses to buy back in spring 2012, one of our biggest priorities was the potential for a kitchen diner. Note how I say “potential for”. We were not unrealistic, we knew that the likelihood of us finding a house with a beautiful kitchen diner was not going to happen, but as long as the house had either the space to extend or walls to knock through we were happy.

We knew we would have to work hard to get the space that we wanted, but knew it would be worth it. For us the kitchen diner will be the hub of home and where we will spend most of our time. Me and David both enjoy cooking and we both come from big families where eating and socialising have always been a part of family life. So a big space where we can cook, eat and enjoy living and laughing together with friends and family is important to us.

When we viewed housenumber59 it was hard to see its potential, but on paper it did had all the space we wanted, it just needed a few walls taken out.


These pictures were taken when we first got the keys. As you can see the kitchen itself is not very big, but beyond the kitchen is a large reception room and beyond that is a bathroom.


009    011 (6)


012   014 (4)

In theory if we knocked all three rooms into one, plus added the extra room currently taken up by the chimney breast, we would end up with a room approximately 3 meters by 8 meters. Perfect for a kitchen diner.

But when we moved in it was just that, a theory and a theory that was not going to come into practice anytime soon. So whilst we planned and saved our pennies, the kitchen needed a few temporary fixes to make it clean enough to cook in.

After a whole load of bleach and some white paint we managed to get the kitchen to look like this:

001 (2)

002 (2)

Not exactly the kitchen of my dreams, but it would do for now!

C x