Bathroom – restoring the door…

Once upon a time there was a beautiful Victorian door. Over the years it had been painted and re-painted with layer upon layer of horrible paint, until one day it was not very beautiful anymore.

Just when you thought this door could not get any uglier, someone removed its beautiful mouldings, hid its panels behind a board and stuck on a mirror.


It was now the ugliest door of the land.

One day a kind girl and her clever husband decided to restore this ugly door to its former beautiful self.

First they removed the horrible mirror.


They took off the board and striped off all the layers of nasty paint.


They reinstalled the beautiful mouldings.


Finally they gave it three coats of nice, white paint.


The door thanked the kind girl and her clever husband. It felt great to be beautiful again.

Now all it needed was a nice new shinny handle and lock!

C x

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