Bathroom – a shopping list…

With everything plumbed in, painted, tiled and ready to go, all that was left to do was a few finishing touches.

We had a shopping list of items that we needed to get before we could declare the bathroom finished. But with our funds running on empty, we had to buy one item each month. Yes we could have gone to Ikea and bought the lot, but this is our forever house, we are in no hurry. After all, good things come to those who wait.

Our list:

Door lock
Period Vacant/Engaged Locks

In the Victorian house I grew up in, my Dad fitted a vacant/engaged lock on the family bathroom door. I am not sure why he choose it, maybe because it was traditionally Victorian or maybe it was just a bit of fun, but I always thought it was great. So when it came to choosing a lock for the bathroom door I knew exactly what I wanted.


Shower basketJohn Lewis

I hate the idea of bottles lined up on the shower floor. We wanted a good size shower basket to neatly store all our lotions and potions. Finding a good quality, good size, and good looking shower basket was a lot harder than you think. Luckily John Lewis came up trumps.

Shower Basket

Toilet roll holderHeritage bathrooms

Again it was harder than you think to find a good quality toilet roll holder, and one that would fit into our traditional theme. Even the ones from John Lewis felt a bit flimsy and all looked too modern. After much trawling of the internet, I eventually found this one from the same company we bought our bathroom suit from. It was weighty, good quality and had the exact look I was after.


MirrorFletcher Frames

Ok, now you are just going to think that we are really fussy, but we also struggled to find the perfect mirror! Not only did the mirror frame have to look right, but we wanted a good quality bevelled mirror (so many mirrors are plastic and as a result look cheap) and it had to be a specific size to fit over the double basin. I hate to say it but I was really unimpressed with the selection at John Lewis. So many of their mirrors were poor quality, either the frame, the mirror or both.

In the end we went to a framers and had one custom made, and I am so glad we did as we got exactly what we wanted! It has a beautiful frame, a good quality bevelled mirror and is made to measure so is the exact size we need. And it was only a fraction more than what we would have paid in John Lewis.


We had to wait 4 months before completing our shopping list and a further month whilst the mirror was being made, but we did it! The bathroom is finished!!!

C x


Bathroom – restoring the door…

Once upon a time there was a beautiful Victorian door. Over the years it had been painted and re-painted with layer upon layer of horrible paint, until one day it was not very beautiful anymore.

Just when you thought this door could not get any uglier, someone removed its beautiful mouldings, hid its panels behind a board and stuck on a mirror.


It was now the ugliest door of the land.

One day a kind girl and her clever husband decided to restore this ugly door to its former beautiful self.

First they removed the horrible mirror.


They took off the board and striped off all the layers of nasty paint.


They reinstalled the beautiful mouldings.


Finally they gave it three coats of nice, white paint.


The door thanked the kind girl and her clever husband. It felt great to be beautiful again.

Now all it needed was a nice new shinny handle and lock!

C x

Bathroom – the roll top bath…

We have finished the bathroom! From start to finish, it took us the best part of a year. But boy was it worth it! I cannot wait to show you final reveal, but before I do that there are a few bits you need to catch up on…

David plumbed in the bath. I could not believe that after the long journey this bath had been on, from ugly duckling to luxuriously beautiful, it was finally ready to be filled with hot water and bubbles!

I know it is only a bath, but I love it and here’s why:

1. I love the fact we rescued it from going rusty and forgotten in a salvage yard. We restored it to its former glory, and for us that is what this whole house project is about. Saving things and making them beautiful again.

2. I love the fact it is beautiful and looks so grand, yet was actually a bit of bargain. Who doesn’t love a bargain!

3. I love how big it is and comfortable to sit it.

4. I love that David was smart and fitted 22mm pipes instead of 15mm, so it fills up really quickly!


Sunday nights are now absolute bliss!

C x