Bathroom – the console basin…

Installing the console basin was going to be a mammoth task and was going to require a few extra helping hands.

But before we actually installed the basin, we had to tile behind it. But before we could tile behind it we had to hold the basin in place and mark out where it was going to go.

It is a double console basin and has removable legs so in order to ‘hold it in place’ it requires two people to lift the basin, one person to slot the legs in place and one person to measure and draw around it. David’s parents kindly agreed to come over one weekend and lend us a helping hand.


Now that we knew where the basin was going, David was ready to tile the wall. In comparison to the floor and shower it was a much smaller surface area, but I think he found it equally as stressful!




Needless to say he did a great job.


We left the tiles to set and a few weekends later David’s parents came back over to do the whole military basin lifting operation again, but this time we could actually fix it to the wall! I would have loved to have taken a picture of us doing this, it was a bit like a game of twister, but sadly there was not a free hand.


Basin in place, all that was left to do was to plumb in the taps and hey presto!


Our list of things to do:

  1. Finishing building the cupboards
  2. Paint all the woodwork, including the cupboards
  3. Tile the basin area
  4. Install the basin
  5. Plumb in the bath
  6. Renovate the bathroom door

C x

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