Bathroom – the cupboards…

I had a fairly fix idea in my mind of what I wanted the bathroom cupboards to look like. But in order for David to make them he needed something a bit more visual than just my jumbled description. So I set about finding pictures of the style I liked.

I put together a collage of images of what I thought were all very similar cupboards but David, turned carpenter, pointed out that in fact they were quite different in terms of construction. For example, the doors can either be set into the frame or on the outside of the frame.

Doors set into frame
Doors on the outside of frame

After much discussion and designing David got down to business and built the cupboard carcasses. Then it was over to me to paint them. I did one coat of undercoat and two coats of white eggshell (we thought gloss would be too shiny).

IMG_0397  IMG_0403 IMG_0420  IMG_0422 IMG_0661  IMG_0668

The slatted shelves took ages to make and even longer to paint, but worth it in the end as they look great.

We decided to have the doors set into the frame, but in terms of actually making the doors, I might have to wait until we can afford to buy a router. Which probably won’t be any time soon…

Our list of things to do:

  1. Finishing building the cupboards
  2. Paint all the woodwork, including the cupboards
  3. Tile the basin area
  4. Install the basin
  5. Plumb in the bath
  6. Renovate the bathroom door

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