Bathroom – the shower…

We have made a giant leap forward in the bathroom – we have a fully functioning shower and toilet!

For three months we got up at the crack of dawn to have a shower at work. For three months we had to fill up a bucket every time we needed to flush the loo. But not anymore! Never has showering at home felt so luxurious!


The shower screen weighed an absolute ton. I am not built for heavy lifting but managed to find some inner strength to help David manoeuvre it into the bathroom and lower it into place.

David made installing the shower and toilet look like child’s play and once again I was impressed by his plumbing skills.


Next on our list of things to do:

  1. Finish building the cupboards
  2. Finish painting all the woodwork, including the cupboards
  3. Tile the basin area
  4. Install the basin
  5. Plumb in the bath
  6. Renovate the bathroom door

C x

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