Bathroom – tiling the shower…

Once again I was leaving the bathroom renovations in David’s capable hands whilst I abandoned him went away for the weekend, this time for a long weekend in Cornwall with girlfriends.

David’s task for the weekend was to tile the shower, something he was not looking forward to. I was sent regular email updates and despite hating every moment he was making good progress.


Later the following day I was sent the final update, a fully tiled and grouted shower area, with the subject “this nearly killed me”. It turns out he had left the grout on ever so slightly too long before wiping it off, so he spent the best part of a day scrubbing the grout off the tiles until his fingers bled – literally.


I came home to find David feeling very sorry for himself, with plasters on the ends of all his fingers. After a big cuddle I bounded upstairs to admire the newly tiled shower and it looked amazing!

I was so confident in the shop when choosing the paint and tiles, but recently I found myself lying awake at night worrying about how it would all work together. So it was a huge relief to see it all the components together and they looked great!

C x

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