Bathroom – painting…

After much deliberation we decided to paint then tile. Our reasoning behind this was that if you get grout on the wall you can wash it off and touch up, but if you get paint on the grout you may never get it off. So I got the go-ahead to get the roller out!

First up was the ceiling. Normally I do not mind painting the ceiling, yes it is hard work but we have a decent platform ladder and I find it quite satisfying. However, on this occasion it was really tough and not the least bit satisfying. I was using a special anti-mould bathroom paint and it was horrible to work with, it was thick and dried really quickly so you had to work fast otherwise it looked patchy. In fact in certain lights it does look patchy. Grrrrr!

With the ceiling done it was time to move on to the exciting bit! Housenumber59 was about to get an injection of colour! Whilst painting the walls I changed my mind about a hundred times as to whether I liked the colour or not. But by the time I had finished I had settled on liking it and over the next couple of days grew to like it more and more. During the day it is fresh and bright and at night it is warm and cosy.


Whilst I am really happy with the colour, I am disappointed with the finish. I thought that by buying Fired Earth paint rather than our usual Dulux we would be getting a far superior product, but apparently not. The paint was hard to work with, there are variations in the colour (despite mixing the tins thoroughly), and the finish in the some places is bubbly.  I am a bit of perfectionist and you only notice these things if you look really closely, but I know that they are there! Next time we will not stray from good old Dulux!


Now the only thing left to do before we could start tiling the floor was install the shower tray. David laid the cement and all I had to do was help lower the tray into place, you only get one shot at doing it right so it was a nail biting moment! We had done a few practice runs before laying the cement and I am happy to report it was a well-executed military operation. Woo hoo the first bit of bathroom installed!


C x

4 thoughts on “Bathroom – painting…

  1. This is looking fabulous, well done! I love the colour – we’re using lots of greens too! I know I am slightly obsessed with Farrow&Ball but if you haven’t yet tried them I would definitely recommend for future rooms. Pricey but definitely worth it; amazing finish and an incredible depth of colour. x

    1. Thank you! I think the bathroom is a great place to be more daring with colour and I am really pleased with our colour choice.

      Wish we had gone Farrow & Ball, a lesson leant for next time! x

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