Bathroom – David the magnificent…

Today’s blog post pays homage to David and his new found pipework skills. This task was not an easy one and there moments when we thought maybe we should have got a plumber… but David persevered and was truly magnificent! He did all the copper pipework and plastic waste pipes for:

  • one bathtub
  • one shower
  • one radiator
  • one tower rail
  • one toliet
  • two basins

That is a lot of pipework for someone who had very little experience! David took a week off work to complete this ominous task so I had the pleasure of coming home from work each day to see what he had been up to.



Whilst David busied himself with boss clamps and elbow joints our electrician came and fitted spotlights, an extractor fan and shaver socket. We ummed and ahhed for ages about the light fittings, but you are so restricted when it comes to bathroom lighting that we decided spotlights were the best bet.

C x

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