Bathroom – maintaining momentum …

We had been in the dirty demolition stage for what felt like a really long time (2 months to be exact) and it would have been easy to lose momentum. I remember being in the bathroom and thinking that it looked like an episode of DIY SOS.

We had to really push ourselves to keep going and finish off a few last jobs before we could get our plasterer in.

Our to-do list:

1. Fill in the brickwork in-between the two windows – where the chimney was removed.
2. Do the pipework which was going to be behind the walls – the hot and cold pipes for the shower and the two waste pipes for the basin.
3. Fill in the old kitchen door with wooden beams ready for plaster board.
4. Put wooden battens in-between the beams for the radiators and basin to be fixed to.
5. Insulate the walls

One by one we slowly ticked each task off our list.

David discovered he is a dab hand at brickwork…
Hot and cold pipes for the shower
Waste pipes and batten for the double basin
Old kitchen door filled with wooden beams
Walls insulated and battens in place to fix radiator to

David’s parents came over one weekend to kindly lend a helping hand, David and his Dad did the pipework and me and his Mum insulated the walls. After an excellent team effort we were finally ready for the plasterer to start!

C x

3 thoughts on “Bathroom – maintaining momentum …

  1. Wow, you really are making great progress – well done – it can be so hard to keep the momentum up and push yourselves to finish things off.

    We spent the entire bank holiday weekend locked away dealing with fireplaces and endless sanding – concious (via Facebook!) of the great time our friends were having in the outside world!!!

  2. Ah, finally, someone who’s installed insulation in an old house! Do you mind if I ask what products you used, and how you dealt with the requirement to keep everything breathable?

    1. We just used regular sound insulation from Selco. Breathable insulation is only required in floors (I believe). We did not insulate the floor as we plan on replacing the kitchen ceiling at some point which is directly below the bathroom. C x

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