Bathroom – replacing the waste pipe…

Not the most exciting topic I grant you, but a necessary one.

Our current toilet waste is an old Victorian cast iron pipe that comes up from underneath the bathroom floor, connects to an adapter of sorts then fixes to the toilet. Now, whilst it fits in quite nicely with the current surroundings, when the bathroom is finished and is all shiny and new, this is going to look terrible. It will also make tiling this area a nightmare.


After much umming and ahring we decided if you are going to do something, do it once and do it right (our general ethos when it comes to house number 59). So we called our wonderful plumbers and asked them to quote for replacing the main waste pipe. We made a deal that if we sorted the scaffolding tower, they would give us a good price. Done.


It took them half a day to cut down the old cast iron pipe and replace with a new plastic one. They then spent the rest of day chatting to us, our plumbers love to chat. They normally have some good stories to tell and they like to give us advice on the house, and we are happy to listen. They talked David through how to fit the waste pipes for the shower, sinks and bath and gave us some good advice about the pipework for the sinks. Nice guys.


Now the waste pipe comes straight in from the outside wall and connects to the toilet. No more tiling nightmares, David can sleep soundly.

C x

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