Bathroom – Knocking through the wall…

As the chimney breast was on the (upstairs) kitchen side of the adjoining wall, up until this point the bathroom had remained untouched. With the chimney breast now removed all that was left to do was to knock through. This was the point of no return, once we did this our bathroom would become a building site.

The general division of labour was David knocked out the bricks and I would sort them into bags ready to take down stairs to the skip. But when it came to knocking down the wall, I couldn’t resist a go with the club hammer! This was definitely the messiest part, we were knocking through bricks on one side and plaster and tiles on the other. There was a brief moment when the floor was lost under a mound of rubble and I wasn’t sure if me or the bathroom would ever be clean again.

After what felt like a hundred trips up and down the stairs carrying bags of bricks and rubble we could final stand back and admire our new LARGE bathroom!




For the time being we left the top of the chimney underneath the bathroom floor but above the downstairs ceiling, this way our current kitchen remains undisturbed until we are ready to remove the chimney on the ground floor.

C x

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