Bathroom – The plans…

Fast forward six months and we were ready to start planning the bathroom. I really enjoy the planning stage and with a bathroom remodel there was a lot of planning to do!

First we had to try and work out what the size of the bathroom would be once we removed the adjoining wall. Then we could work out if the shower, sink etc. would fit and configure the best layout for the bathroom. As we were doing the bathroom remodel ourselves we had no contractor or design team, but thanks to Google we found a free bathroom planning website and were able to roughly plan out the layout.

Not to scale

The Bath
I had always wanted a roll top bath so when we found ‘the one’ a few months back at our local salvage yard we bought it there and then. Buying it from a salvage yard was the only way we could afford to have what we wanted, buying it new would have cost thousands of pounds so at £200 it was a steal. Yes it needed work doing to it, but that is all part of fun! It was a beast of a tub and therefore the layout of bathroom kind of centred around where the tub would fit.

The Suite
After lots of research online and looking through bathroom brochures, we decided to buy the rest of bathroom suite from Heritage Bathrooms. Their Victoria range was the perfect balance between traditional and timeless, quality and within budget. We found a supplier in London who offered us a great price on the double console basin, close coupled WC, shower tray and shower screen. Whilst the name ‘Bathroom Discount Centre’ sounds a bit wheeler dealer, it actually turned out to be a really nice showroom in Fulham (plus if it is good enough for the editor of Sheerluxe it is definitely good enough for us!).

The Taps
When we bought the roll top bath we also bought the 1901 Bristan bath taps that came with it. They were in great condition and an absolute bargain, new they are £450, we got them for £60. Bristan is a quality brand and their 1901 taps are beautiful, so we bought the basin taps and the shower to match. Again we managed to find a great price by shopping around on online.

The Tiles and Paint
This called for a trip to our local Fired Earth store. I had already spotted the wall tiles I wanted when looking through their brochure and I always knew I wanted black and white floor tiles so it was simply a case of working out how many tiles we needed and a choosing a paint colour that worked with the tiles. We knew that we wanted to go bold in bathroom and both liked the idea of green, but a sort of Victorian green, so ‘Greenwich Green‘ was the perfect choice.


I have read that on average a house renovation can involve making 15,000 decisions. I am starting to think that might be an understatement.

C x

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