The bathroom…

The owners of house number 59 before us were father and son-in-law. The father lived downstairs and the son-in-law lived upstairs. The only modification they made to turn the house into two flats was to install a kitchen upstairs, other than that there was no lasting evidence.

The current upstairs bathroom was small, just enough room for a shower, toilet and a small basin. An adequate size for now, but not for the family home we wanted house number 59 to become.

032      033

The upstairs kitchen, next door to the bathroom, was described on the floor plan as bedroom number 4. It would be a small single bedroom at best so would probably be used a ‘study’, which we felt was not a good use space. So we started making plans to covert these two small rooms into one big, family sized bathroom. The bathroom of our dreams with a large walk in shower, roll top bath and double basin.


But before we started to get ahead of ourselves we had to do something about the state of the current bathroom. When we first bought the house these grand plans for bathroom were just dreams and we had to save money and try and get the two front bedrooms finished first. So we needed to make a few small temporary fixes to make the bathroom useable.

The first thing we did was to remove all the built in cupboards, they were filthy and removing them seemed like the easier option rather than trying to clean them! We then gave everything else a really good clean, I painted the window frame white and David and his Dad laid new flooring.

010 (2)

It would do for now whilst we continued to dream big…

C x

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