Guest bedroom – The linen cupboard…

When it came to buying furniture for the guest bedroom we didn’t quite have the same budget as we did with the master bedroom so we planned on reusing furniture from our old bedroom. We did however decide to treat the guest bedroom to a new wardrobe.

Generally speaking I don’t like built-in wardrobes. They don’t allow any flexibility if you want to change the room around, you can’t take them with you if you move house, they can make the room feel smaller than it actually is and by building them in alcoves you can lose some of the character of the room.

So once again I started trawling through eBay to find a bargain wardrobe that had a long list of requirements. I wanted it to look traditional, I wanted it to have shelves, I wanted the shelves to be removable so it could be used as a hanging wardrobe at a later date, it needed to be narrow to fit in the alcove and it needed to be beautiful.

I could hardly contain my delight when I came across these guys Sonnet Interiors. Their wardrobes were perfect! I sent an email to Wayne and Ben to see if they could make one to fit our narrow alcove, they promptly replied to say that they would be delighted to make our bespoke wardrobe. Yay! Wayne and Ben were super helpful and when the wardrobe was delivered it was every bit as beautiful in the flesh as it was in the pictures.

461791979_o      461792568_o

I like to think that this wardrobe will be in our family for years to come and that it will be used for many different things, but right now I plan to use it as a linen cupboard. This may sound really sad, but I was really excited at the thought of having a linen cupboard and was something I had wanted for a long time. Again I think this is the perfectionist in me coming out, but I just love the idea of crisp white linens all neatly folded in one place. Sad eh?

C x


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