Guest bedroom – Painting…

Lewisham-20121110-00185      Lewisham-20121110-00186

I do genuinely really enjoying painting I appreciate that I may not be saying this in years to come, when we finally finish the house and realise that the bedroom we decorated years ago needs repainting – the never ending cycle that is house renovation.

I am not denying that painting is hard work and often after the first couple rolls of colour the excitement somewhat diminishes, but I just love how painting a room can completely transform the space. Maybe it is the perfectionist in me, and trust me I am a perfectionist when it comes to painting, but I just find the whole process really satisfying.

Like the master bedroom, we wanted a colour that was light and calming, neutral but still a definite colour.  I liked the idea of Farrow and Ball Cabbage White, but David wanted something that had more grey in it, so we chose Dulux Polished Pebble. I was happy to admit that he was right and the colour looked great.

Cabbage White, Farrow and Ball
Polished Pebble
Polished Pebble, Dulux

C x

9 thoughts on “Guest bedroom – Painting…

    1. Thanks Karen.

      I think that is how I found your blog in the first place! I used Google image to find pics of Dulux Polished Pebble and it came up with your painted grey hearts!!

      C x

  1. We’re considering Cabbage White for a ceiling (yes really!) to go with Hague Blue walls. But then we keep talking ourselves out of it – will have to see if we have the guts to go with something so dramatic!

    On another note, did you use a mist coat given you were painting straight onto new plaster? We usually use watered down trade emulsion and in a previous house were advised to use PVA and water, which worked less well. Wondered what you were doing?

    1. Yes, on all the new plaster we used a watered down coat first – 50% Wickes trade matt white 50% water. We were advised not to use PVA. Then two coats normal paint.

      I love F&B Hague Blue! I always get torn between dramatic colours and neutrals. Neutrals normally win but you will have to stay tuned to see what colour we paint the bathroom!

      C x

      1. Fab, thanks – same ratio that we use and it worked great in our kitchen diner. We’re trying to be braver with colour but it is a bit terrifying! Am intrigued by your bathroom…..!

  2. It’s worth trying a bolder colour. You can always change it later if you’re not sure. I find I’m never sure when I’m actually painting the walls but once it dries I come round. We looked at a bright red tile for the kitchen today but still uncertain about that. It’s not so easy to change the tiles!

  3. we all find our therapy in different things .. yah i guess i enjoyed painting too so i know where your coming from 😉

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