Guest bedroom – the plastering…

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I love the plastering stage, it is always such a turning point for a room.

We got our pals, Earl and Elvis, back to install new cornicing and a ceiling rose. We chose the same the cornice as the master bedroom, but went for a slightly smaller ceiling rose to suit the size of the room. This instantly added some much needed Victorian charm.

Whilst we love the fireplace in the master bedroom we decided not to reinstate one in the guest bedroom. The room is not small, but it is not exactly large either and having a fireplace can restrict you in terms of space and furniture arrangements. We will however install a vent to ensure that the room has adequate ventilation.

Me and David got the spread sheet back out and fitted the picture rail (we were now like a well-oiled machine) and David and his Dad fitted the new skirting board. None of the walls were straight or level so our next job involved a large tub of polyfilla…

C x

2 thoughts on “Guest bedroom – the plastering…

  1. Looks great – so much potential! I’m very impressed you fit your own picture rail, I can’t even cut something straight, let alone fix it to a wall!!

    We have original picture rails in some rooms but not others; we’re currently debating where to reinstate because it does make paint choosing even harder!

    We are lucky however that we have the original cornicing throughout the house, though it needs some serious prep before painting!

    I’m looking forward to seing what you do with this room, your master bedroom styling is great.
    Jude x

  2. Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comment Jude.

    You are lucky to have the original cornicing throughout. Our living room is the only room to still have the original, but like you say, it will require some serious prep!

    C x

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