Guest bedroom – wallpaper stripping…

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I had been dying to strip the wallpaper in this room since day one. The room had an overpowering smell of men’s aftershave which was so ingrained in the walls that no amount of airing would get rid of it.

It appeared that the cause of the mould was purely down to a lack of ventilation rather than a leak or damp. Phew! I imagine where the wardrobe obstructed the window, the window was never opened. Also the original fireplace had been blocked off but no vent put in place to allow the room to breathe causing a build-up of condensation.

Whilst it didn’t look very nice it was easily fixable and on the plus side it made stripping the wallpaper really easy – in some places it just came off in one long strip!

On the wall next to the window, where the condensation build-up was really bad, great lumps of plaster came away with the wallpaper. So on that wall we had to take all the plaster off and go back to brick.

One last thing we did before the plasterer got started was to remove the skirting board. We are not sure if the decorative bit had been taken off or if it had just been replaced altogether with a plainer style wood, but either way we wanted to replace it with a more decorative wood, matching the original skirting in the master bedroom.

C x

8 thoughts on “Guest bedroom – wallpaper stripping…

  1. You’re making great progress. I’ve just stripped all the wallpaper out of the dining room and it took ages! Are you planning to get the plasterer in once you’ve stripped lots of rooms? Our walls have been fine. The ceilings are not perfect but on the bedroom we used Wickes ceiling paint and that really helped even out the surface.

    1. Thanks Isla! We are renovating the house room by room, I think our plasterer would prefer to do all rooms at once but we can’t afford to do it that way, especially as we are living here…

      You are lucky your walls are fine, it adds such an expense having the room re-plastered. So far all the walls we have stripped have been in really bad condition and need re-plastering. Fingers crossed for the next room!

      C x

      1. Yeah we’re going room by room. It’s fine but the hardest thing is trying to keep my plans realistic and not taking on too much at once. How are you stripping the wallpaper? Are you using a steamer?

  2. Your walls look identical to some of mine, same colours, it’s weird!!! We’ve now stripped every room in the house (blog post to follow!) and we also had large chunks of wall come off. Fun!

    Starting next week we have all our walls and (currently artex) ceilings being plastered. It is a huge expense but we definitely got the best price by doing it all in one go. I’m just dreading the mess!!

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