The guest bedroom…


Our next project was the guest bedroom. This room was in quite bad shape, but using the master bedroom as a template we were confident it could be restored to its former glory.

The two main issues with this room were the built in wardrobes, which were far too big for the size of the room and blocked a third of the window, and the mould/damp on one of the walls.

We decided to tackle the built in wardrobes during the first couple of weeks of owning the house. This was one of those stress relieving exercises where you can just really go for it with a crowbar.


With the window uncovered the room felt so much brighter and more spacious.

Our next job was to strip off all the wallpaper and assess how bad the mould/damp problem was…

C x

2 thoughts on “The guest bedroom…

  1. must have been fun ripping into it with the crowbar! … I cant believe they built the cupboards over the window in the first place? … Happy restorations 🙂

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