Master bedroom – Painting…

010 (4)

What seemed like an eternity of filling and sanding woodwork we finally got round to the exciting bit… painting! For the ceiling and above the picture rail we chose brilliant white and for the walls we chose Dulux Egyptian cotton. I wanted something that was neutral and David wanted something that was more of a colour than off white – so Egyptian cotton was perfect for both of us.

011 (4)

012 (4)

I really enjoy painting, there is something quite therapeutic about it, but three coats on the ceiling (first a water down coat to seal the new plaster and then two normal coats) was really tough.

014 (3)

The room was really starting to take shape and I couldn’t wait for the next bit.

Next on our list of things to do:

1. Paint all woodwork
2. Paint the fireplace
3. Order the carpet
4. Buy furniture

C x

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