Master bedroom – Reclaimed radiators…


Yes it would have been easier to get our plumbers to install new radiators in the master bedroom, but where is the fun in easy?

On one of our trips to the salvage yard we fell in love with some original cast iron radiators and convinced ourselves that we could clean them up and install them ourselves.

It was certainly a challenge, but we David did an amazing job. First David gave them a really good clean and power flushed the insides. Then he sanded them back, getting rid of all the rust. Finally he spray painted two coats of primer and two coats of top coat – we went for a traditional anthracite colour.

Whilst we did pick up the two radiators for a bit of a bargain, we did then have to splash out on radiators valves. Never did I think I would get so excited about radiator valves, but when these were delivered at the office I could hardly contain my delight!


Now all we David had to do was install them (eek!). Luckily David’s Dad was on hand to give David a crash course on pipework and radiator installation.

C x

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