Master bedroom – The plastering…


We may have got a bit ahead of ourselves getting the room re-plastered when we did, but we were on a steep learning curve and it all worked out ok in the end. The reason I say this, is because we actually had the master bedroom re-plastered before the re-wire, but hey it was nothing a bit of poly filler couldn’t fix!

Whilst we focussed our attention (or more correctly our cash) on the re-wire and re-plumb the bedroom came to a bit of a halt, but once we got going again things really started to take shape.

We were really looking forward to restoring some of the Victorian features back into the house that had been immorally ripped out during a period of ‘modernisation’. Installing cornicing and a ceiling rose in the master bedroom was a big part of that. We found a great company (I use the term ‘company’ very loosely here, it was actually two very laid back guys called Elvis and Earl) just down the road from our house which makes beautiful cornicing and ceiling roses using traditional methods and moulds. We were able to pick out moulds that matched the era of the house and once installed they looked like they should have always been there.


We also found an amazing salvage yard in our local area. This place was absolutely filled with hided gems but you had to have some vision to pick them out. We found a beautiful combination fireplace that was a perfect fit for the chimney breast. It was a bit rusty and had seen better days, but we knew it had the potential to look really beautiful.

We did find a few other bits and bobs, including a roll top bath, but that is a story for another day!


David and I installed the picture rail, this involved a lot of measurements and even a spread sheet, but we really enjoyed it. It was fun working together as a team and we could really start to see how the room was going to look. Now I just wanted to get on with the painting…

C x

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