The master bedroom…



We had always agreed that the master bedroom would be the first room we decorate. If we had a nice bedroom to retreat to, it would make doing the rest of the house much more bearable. I think from the moment we had our offer accepted on the house I had already planned and designed what I wanted our bedroom to be like.

When we moved into the house we made the small back bedroom our temporary bedroom, this gave us the freedom to decorate the master bedroom at our leisure. During the first couple of weeks we made good progress on stripping the room back to the bare minimum. We stripped the wallpaper of the walls and ceiling, stripped the paint of all the woodwork and ripped out the shelving and the gas fireplace.



It was hard work, but immensely satisfying, like we were freeing the walls from years of build up, you could almost hear them sighing in relief.

MB6       MB7

Next on the list of things to do:

1. Have room re-plastered
2. Fit new cornicing and ceiling rose
3. Fit new picture rail
4. Buy Victorian fireplace

C x

One thought on “The master bedroom…

  1. What a gorgeous bit room! And I love the alcoves. So much potential! 🙂 We did the same. Decorated the bedroom first (or at least got it painted and bought some curtains so it felt more homey!) so we could hide in there whilst doing the rest of the house. Can’t wait to see how you decorate! xx

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