The new boiler…


Once the wiring had been completed it was time for the heating and hot water system to be overhauled. Our current system was complicated, outdated and the fact that you couldn’t drink the water from the bathroom tap baffled me (then why are we brushing our teeth with it!?). With the boiler in the kitchen, hot water tank in the backroom, cold water tank in the loft and a pipe structure that resembled a labyrinth it was time to simplify things.

We decided to install the new boiler upstairs, in what will be the new bathroom. The bathroom will be plenty big enough and I never liked the idea of losing valuable kitchen cupboard space to accommodate a boiler.

Over the next couple of days we saw some big changes, not only was house number 59 now warm and toasty, but we got to say goodbye to the bright blue radiators and hello to nice new shiny ones!

In most rooms we had chosen standard white radiators, but felt that the living room deserved something a bit special. Placed in the bay window, the radiators would be a focal point and needed to look good, so we upgraded to column radiators.


We were thrilled, not only do they look great but they pump out a lot of heat.

C x


One thought on “The new boiler…

  1. Hi. Enjoying your blog having just purchased a Victorian house myself. May I ask when you replumbed did you go for a combi boiler or stick with a ‘conventional’ system?

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