Project staircase…

Stairs middle2

When you are renovating a house slowly, room by room and living in it at the same time, you have to accept that things won’t always be perfect. I have accepted that we will have to live in varying degrees of squalor until we get round to decorating every room.

For example, in the living room we have boarded over where the gas fireplace was removed and it looks pretty ugly. I can live with that because I know that one day, in the not too distant future, we will buy a beautiful salvaged Victorian fireplace to rightfully reclaim its throne.

It is nice though to do little mini projects to help house number 59 feel a bit more loved, even if they are just temporary fixes. As the hallway will be the last room we decorate we decided it could do with a temporary fix, in particular the staircase.

At some point the original Victorian spindles and the nosing they sit on had been removed and replaced with a more ‘modern’ banister (utter sacrilege in my opinion). To restore the staircase to its former glory will be a major project, and not one that will be happening anytime soon.

David had removed the carpet within the first 5 minutes of owning the house leaving us with bare wood, which for practical reasons worked quite well, but they looked terrible and needed some love.

First we removed all the old paint – this was hard labour with a heat gun and scrapper. Then we sanded each step and gave them a really good clean.

Stairs before      Stairs middle

Finally we painted the risers and the banisters in white gloss and the treads and hand rail in a dark oak matt varnish.

Stairs after

This ‘mini project’ actually ended up taking longer than expected, but it was worth it. The hallway now looks fresher and less like a building site, but is still practical and easy to keep clean.

C x

6 thoughts on “Project staircase…

  1. This is gorgeous! I’m tempted to do something similar myself now as we have the same problem – ripped up the mouldy carpets to reveal some rather ugly looking half-painted stairs 😦 You’ve done an amazing job! x

  2. Great Blog. We’re doing a similar thing and i wanted to ask, how far down did you sand the stairs? All the way to “fresh” wood? I’ve got 3 floors of stairs in a similar condition to this. All the best, terry

    1. Hi Terry, thanks for stopping by and for your comment.

      As this was only a temporary fix, we just gave it a light sanding. We may well have to replace the staircase at some point, so didn’t want to put too much blood, sweat and tears into sanding them! I must say though, once we put a dark stain on them, it hid most of the unevenness and any odd bits of old paint and marks that did show through just added a bit of character!

      This is a link to one of my favourite blogs who also did a staircase restoration – I think she went back to ‘fresh wood’

      C x

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