The re-wire…

Porch light

Having the house re-wired was a necessary task, but not a particularly exciting one. Most of the work is hidden and if anything the house ended up looking worse due to the new wires being chased into the walls.

I failed to get too excited about the new fuse box, light switches and plug sockets – although we did enjoy coming home from work each day and discovering what work had been done.

One part of the re-wire that was actually quite exciting was the installation of a front porch light. Everything we had done up to this point had been a temporary fix, knowing that at some point we would re-do it, but this light fitting would be the first permanent feature of the house and so it required some careful thought.

Having never thought about outside lights before we took a walk around the block to get some inspiration and after much deliberation we decided on a simple but elegant lantern.

C x

One thought on “The re-wire…

  1. Hi, your lantern looks lovely! If you don’t mind me asking, where did you get it from? I am on the lookout for a lantern just like this. Thank you. Debs

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