New mains pipe…

New mains pipe 1

One of the many plumbing alterations we needed to make was to move the main stopcock from under the living room floor to somewhere more sensible. If there was ever a leak and we needed to turn off the water we would have to lift up the floorboards in the living room – not a problem when we have good access to the floorboards, but it might become an issue when we get round to fitting carpet. Also, for some reason we were the only house without an outside stopcock for emergencies. So if we ever had a water leak we really would be stuffed!

Rather than joining new plastic pipe to the existing lead pipe, it made sense to replace the entire mains pipe and have one continuous bit of plastic pipe from the new outside stopcock to the new stopcock under the stairs.

We plan to re-pave the front garden so weren’t too worried about digging it up, but decided to use a moling company to minimise the mess.

In less than a couple of hours, the lead pipe had gone and we had a new mains water pipe ready for the plumbers to fit a new stopcock under the stairs. The outside stopcock had to be fitted by the water company which, as you can imagine, took a little bit longer to do. But they got there, eventually.

New mains pipe 2

Whilst having a new mains water pipe wasn’t the most thrilling thing in the world, it was officially the start of our project, so for us it was pretty exciting!

C x

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