The plans…


Having the entire house re-wired and re-plumbed meant that we really had to think about the bigger picture. We planned on removing a chimney breast to extend both the kitchen and bathroom so needed to think about those rooms carefully and have an idea of the final layout.

We wanted to move the boiler upstairs, to the room that would eventually become part of the bathroom, so needed to know that it was definitely ok to remove the chimney before our plumber started work.

It was slightly nerve racking as our entire plans rested on the fact that it would be ok to remove the chimney breast. If we were told that it wasn’t possible or that it would involve a lot of structural work, it could potentially cause massive delays and force us to reconsider our plans.

Lucky both a structural engineer and our local council confirmed that our plans were ok.


C x

3 thoughts on “The plans…

  1. Thanks for your comment! It’s nice to hear from others in the same situation. How are you finding the process of developing a property?

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