A wise man once said…

A wise man gave us the following advice during our first few weeks of living in house number 59 – if you get the infrastructure right first, the rest will be a lot easier. Thankfully we listened to him, because he was right.

It was so tempting to dive straight in with decorating, I was already scouring eBay for reclaimed Victorian fireplaces, but we needed to think about the bigger picture first. The heating and hot water system needed to be updated and the fuse box and wiring were quite frankly dangerous. If we started decorating and putting in new carpet it would make updating these things at a later date a whole lot harder and potentially undo all our hard work.

Whilst David and I are confident DIY’ers, re-wiring and re-plumbing an entire house was something we needed some help on. So our priority was to get quotes for a complete re-wire of the house and a new heating and hot water system, to include new boiler and radiators. And then somehow find the money to pay for them…

C x

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