Where to begin…

Living room

With only two weeks off work and one week before the lease finished on our flat we had a lot of work to do. If we’d had a spare moment to stop and think about what we had taken on it probably would have overwhelmed and consumed us. Instead, like excited school children left unsupervised for the first time, we set about clearing the house. Our house.

The thing I remember most about these first couple of days was the smell. It hit you in the face as soon as you opened the door and clung to your nostrils. It was decided that order to get rid of the smell everything had to go. Carpets, laminate flooring, curtains, built in wardrobes, shelving, everything. We wanted to get the house back to the bare minimum so that we could start from scratch.

Over the next couple of days, between the two of us, we filled two skips. A crow bar and a club hammer became our new best friends. It was exhausting work and I had never done so much manual labour in all my life!

Skip one

After clearing the house, as much as we could, it needed a good clean and a few temporary fixes so that we could move in.

Our to-do list:

1. Clean the house
2. Paint the kitchen and bathroom white
3. Lay new lino in the kitchen and bathroom
4. Paint the back bedroom white
5. Remove hideous and unsafe gas fireplaces
6. Clean the house some more

C x

2 thoughts on “Where to begin…

  1. Good luck. I always find that a breakdown list helps. We tore our kitchen apart and now I just go in circles trying to get to the next point….it is always worth it in the end though 🙂

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