The day we got the keys….


29th June 2012 was a very exciting day – it was the day we picked up the keys to our first house. It was one of those days where I had thought about it so much, gone over every little detail, mapped it all out in my head that I couldn’t quite believe it was actually here.

At first we walked around each room, neither of us saying much just quietly taking it all in. But it didn’t take long before the overwhelming smell and the slight fear of our impending project forced us to retreat to the back garden, to the cleanest part of our new home – the lawn.

With two weeks off work and the luxury of our rented flat for one of those, it was decide that today would merely be about taking stock of house number 59 and getting a good night sleep before the hard work really began.

David had a different idea. I had hardly turned my back for five minutes when I heard thumping coming from inside the house. David had decided to tackle the smell head on and was pulling up the carpet in the hall and stairs. So much for not getting dirty today!

C x

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